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Having spent many years in amateur dramatics and a career which involved sales and marketing I am very experienced in speaking to audiences of varying sizes, from an intimate setting to a large theatre.

I am also a magician and an artist, and so I perform magic and illusion shows and I teach art, specialising on people with very little or no experience

Interesting Talks

My talks on a particular subject are very popular and I receive many repeat bookings.

I currently have four such talks, with more to be added very soon.

I have 2 talks on The Amazing Charlie Chaplin                    CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Plus 2 other talks. One on Edgar Wallace                                

and one on the Real Von Trapp Family                                CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

I also have 2 other talks in preparation.

                               Sid James and Queen Mary

Details will be added when they are ready

Magic and Illusion

I perform magic shows for adults or children

The usual length of the show is about 45 minutes

but I can adjust this to suit requirements                           CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


And this is how to contact me ……..           CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT DETAILS

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